Summer Of Second Chances Formerly Incarcerated Organize And Inform.


Richmond, CA is once again the center of transformative movements.  

It’s a  summer of second chances some might say. Beyond The Box was the theme of the days event. Tamisha Walker Executive Director of The Safe Return Project of Richmond, CA and one of the sponsors of the event stated that. “Individuals returning home from incarceration who have been impacted by the criminal justice system deserve opportunity to be whole”. The event was an opportunity to provide resources, network, build agency as it relates to building a culture of action in communities impacted by the criminal justice system. Reducing counter productive policy and ending mass-incarceration were also a major part of the conversation. The days event feature panelist key note speaker J . The events theme Beyond The Box is a clear statement. Suggesting that formerly incarcerated individuals must find remedy to many existing barriers. Barriers that prevent them from effectively participating in society. Barriers that go beyond just banning the box on job applications. A practice requesting that an applicant reveal having a criminal record when applying for employment. Nationally there nearly 48,000 laws that prevent formerly incarcerated individuals from entering into entire sectors of society.

Audio Of Tamisha Walker Below:


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