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Earlier November 2017 the Safe Return Project of Richmond, California kicked off a series of community spreads bringing together community members, leaders, resources and shared information. With the purpose of educating empowering and organizing community. However this wasn’t your come in, be seated and listen to what we have to tell you breakout session. This organizing event was centered around dinner and dialogue. Embracing the idea that the dinner table has historically been a place where conversations about education, jobs, housing politics, and the American Dream have taken place and help shaped the direction of the family. Some of the conversations focused on workforce development and jobs to affordable housing, barriers to equity and more.

The Safe Return Project is an organization of formerly incarcerated residents

working to strengthen the relationship of people coming home from incarceration with the broader community. The Safe Return Project has an adaptable formula when it comes to engaging and organizing the Contra Costa County community and it’s formerly incarcerated residents. It’s worth mentioning that not only is the project involved in research, community organizing and policy advocacy to build community power; annually the organization facilitates a leadership institute the graduates of this institute are involved in a community action using their new skills and exercising their rights as stake holders.

The Spread was held at the Reentry Success Center a strategic partner of the Safe Return Project

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