If My Eye’s Could Rewind…The Real Richmond, CA Story.




Recently Redeemed World Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing author and Richmond, CA native Rodney “Alamo” Brown on the ” Redeeming The Time” podcast.

Currently a Hawaii resident, Alamo is something of a legend in the city where he was reared and spent his formative years. He relocated to Hawaii several years ago, but is in town to document some of Richmond’s rich and diverse history as well as to highlight some of the places that make Richmond unique and special. While he was in town he was kind enough to spend a few minutes discussing the highly anticipated release of his upcoming book “If My Eyes Could Rewind,” while we visited his old neighborhood Pullman Point formerly known as Richmond Townhouses aka “Globe Town.”

The book discusses his personal history, detailing the author’s experiences as an inner city youth raised in a single parent household, what it’s like to have a revolutionary mother who was an active member of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, his father’s death when he was a young boy and his own struggles with and recovery from alcoholism as an adult. In addition it provides insight into the true nature of the City of Richmond and the complexities of its residents. This work was largely inspired by others from abroad who, upon learning that Alamo was a Richmond native, would say things about Richmond’s negative media coverage while making assumptions about the people who inhabit the area. He says he felt compelled to tell his story thereby exposing the intricacies of life in an urban area for the world to understand.

Brown says the book’s essence is about “the overall true beauty of Richmond as a whole.”  The goal is to encompass “the values, traditions of the city and everything that makes Richmond, Richmond.”

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